Partnering for Youth

Much of CFSS’s work with youth has concentrated on teen pregnancy prevention. While we were encouraged by the 14-year decline in teen pregnancy rates, we are troubled by the recent rise in the teen birth rate as well as the significant increase among unmarried women.

Childbearing among unmarried women aged 15-44 rose to historic levels in 2007 with the number of births, the birth rate and proportion of births increasing 3 to 5 percent. Unmarried childbearing has increased 26 percent since 2002, when the recent steep increases began.

We provide teen pregnancy prevention programs, character development programs, healthy relationship programs and parent support programs designed to assist individuals in developing healthy life skills (attitudes and behaviors). These programs also assist youth in viewing their parent(s) as their primary mentor/role model(s) and teaching parents the skills needed to assume this role.

Our goals are to reduce the number of adolescents who engage in pre-marital sexual activity, reduce the incidence of out-of-wedlock pregnancies among adolescents, reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases and infections, and educate thousands of adolescents while informing their parents about the benefits of delaying sexual initiation in order to improve their quality of life and health.

CFSS and its schools, community and faith-based partners deliver programs on topics including:

     • Character and life skills education
     • Refusal skills and self-efficacy education
     • Teen pregnancy prevention via abstinence education
     • HIV and STD awareness
     • Healthy relationship education
     • Financial literacy/money management
     • Mentoring
     • Community service learning
     • Prevention of teen dating violence


CFSS Vow to Succeed

CFSS education programs serve nearly 2,000 youth each year