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CFSS Logic Model

A properly specified logic model allows program designers, program staff, and evaluators to distinguish between failures of implementation and failures of theory.

CFSS Logic Model

As a consequence of this approach to evaluation, one of the unique features of CFSS program evaluation is our emphasis on process evaluation as a way to improve program management and delivery to reduce the probability of implementation failure. Good program management and delivery then allow us to produce a more meaningful outcome evaluation. In sum, the CFSS’s approach to program evaluation is comprehensive and holistic. We believe our approach provides the best and surest route to continuous program improvement.

Online Participant Tracking System

CFSS developed an online tracking and reporting system to support program delivery and evaluation that is currently used in 36 federally funded projects. OPTS enables users to quickly and accurately enter participation data and allows staff to monitor compliance for attendance entry and curriculum delivery. OPTS also automatically generates forms required by the federal funder, and provides a central repository of program data to enable evaluation staff to analyze outcomes.