Partnering to Serve Nonprofit Organizations

Research and Planning

Measuring the success of each program we deliver to change participants’ attitudes and behaviors is as important to us as delivering education sessions. We have designed a rigorous evaluation system and use the results to continually adjust and improve our programs. We also assist other nonprofit organizations to do the same.

Evaluation Services, Capacity Building, and Technical Assistance

The CFSS evaluation team provides a comprehensive package of evaluation services. We work with a university-affiliated independent evaluator and a team of doctoral students to analyze data and work with partners during peak reporting times; database system experts who developed and maintain an online tracking system to generate surveys with unique identifiers and link program participation directly to outcomes, and in-house staff who manage survey administration and processing.

What sets CFSS apart from other nonprofit community organizations is that we are a strong proponent of theory-driven program evaluation. Good theory provides guidelines for designing a program, as well as its evaluation, and a frame of reference for understanding the significance of evaluation results.