A Partnership of Success

The CFSS Leadership Team

Today, CFSS is a Milwaukee-based nonprofit agency that works with government and local nonprofit agencies to deliver teen pregnancy prevention, youth character development and healthy relationship education throughout Southeast Wisconsin and the East Coast.

We currently have seven organizational partners, 14 employees, 11 consultants and three organizational contractors who carry out the programmatic, evaluative and administrative work of the organization. A seven-member Board of Directors, which meets four times a year, governs the organization.

Jeanette Stevens
Melanie Porterfield-Riddix
Sara Polifka
Dr. Cindy Walker

Jeanette Stevens Vice President, Educational Programs

Melanie Porterfield-Riddix Director, Nonprofit Client Services

Sara Polifka
Director, Research and Planning

Dr. Cindy Walker Independent Evaluator,
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

CFSS staff and independent evaluators possess professional experience across multiple disciplines including organizational leadership, program implementation and outcomes, research and planning, marketing and PR, and administrative support.

Our team has a strong commitment to serving inner-city families and we are experienced in working to change generations of relationship patterns. Reflective of the communities we serve. CFSS employees are positive role models who have achieved high levels of education and healthy relationships.


Milwaukee Reentry and Workforce Pipeline Coordination – CFSS was chosen by the Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections and the Annie E. Casey Foundation to lead a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary effort to integrate reentry efforts in Milwaukee County.